Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance is a package of rules, practices and processes designed to achieve consistency between expectations of the company stakeholders (shareholders, management, customers, supervising and legislative organizations and the society as a whole). Accordingly, the corporate governance practices are not restricted to legal affairs or compliance with legislation, bylaws and risk management only, but it is rather a system that covers all aspects of the company’s business and scope.

At Mulkia, we believe that good governance is one of the key factors of success and continuity in the long term. We commit to achieve the utmost levels of transparency of our Board of Directors to enhance our relations with our customers, business partners, shareholders, creditors and employees to build the trust and reliability we aim for.

We strive to improve our corporate governance practices through improving capabilities of the Board of Directors and management team, and creating a better work environment according to the best practices of corporate governance and risk management.

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