Mulkia Investment Company is a Saudi investment company headquartered in Riyadh, and operates according to the regulations issued by the Capital Market Authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Mulkia obtained the license of the Capital Market Authority (CMA) No. 37-13170, and has been in operation since 28/04/2014 to carry out securities business including: Managing Investment Funds, Managing Clients’ Portfolios, Custody, Dealing as Principal, Underwriting, Arranging and Advising Services. All financial services are subject to Islamic Shari’ah Standards, supervision, and oversight by an independent Shari’ah Board.

Mulkia offers investment solutions and programs through the introduction and management of multi-portfolio investment funds as well as portfolio management.

Mulkia offers many investment funds according to the client’s vision and objectives such as Saudi Equity Funds, Private Equity Funds, Money Market Funds and Real Estate Funds.

Our portfolio management service is designed to meet the specific requirements of each client and is fully flexible to invest in a wide range of investment opportunities in a number of markets. The client will be able to include in his investment portfolio a diversified and well-thought-out mix of investments, both in capital markets and alternative investments.

Mulkia allows investors who wish to open investment accounts from individuals and companies to submit an online application to open an investment account through the company’s website. The customer service staff will follow up your requests to complete the formal procedures and activate the account.

After opening the investment account you can subscribe to the available funds by filling out the subscription form, transferring the subscription amount and signing the terms and conditions of the related fund.

Subscription fees vary from one fund to another. Fees are deducted from the total amount invested, and the net amount invested is converted into units. To learn more about Mulkia funds, please see the information available at this link:

The unit price is calculated by dividing net assets over the entire number of units.

Mulkia Investment Company provides the prices of the investment units on Tadawul website for public funds, Mulkia website, and Mulkia Online, which allows clients to monitor the value of the investment fund unit price. Mulkia also sends periodic reports to the customers of the mutual funds on a quarterly basis and provides weekly and monthly reports to the customers of the portfolio to update them with transparency on portfolio contents and evaluation. Customers can contact the company and request valuation of their investment portfolio at any time, and receive it by e-mail.

Zakat calculation is different depending on the activity of each fund. In general, open-ended funds are subject to zakat by virtue of actively buying and selling shares (trading in shares), and considered by the Shari’ah Committee, which requires the payment of Zakat due in each fund when the year is passed, by multiplying 2.5% on the value of the investment at the end of the year if the investor follows the Hijri year and 2.5775% if the investor follows the Gregorian calendar year in the account of the year, and for more information please see the link:

We have contracted with “Shariyah Review Bureau”, a leading Shari’ah consulting company.

At present, all investments are within Saudi Arabia.

Yes, a text message arrives for all customers when you accept or perform any transaction.

You may contact us at Tel. 920003028 or email info@mulkaia.com.sa or visit our offices at:
Prince Mohammed Bin Abdul Aziz Road (Tahlia Street)
Aknaz Commercial Center – Building No: 184
Office No. (3) – First Floor

Sunday to Thursday from 8 am to 5 pm

By filling up the special update form and send it to crm@mulkaia.com.sa or you may hand it over personally to customer services at the company’s offices.

Mulkia have a qualified team of advisors to help individual and institutional clients to make their investment decisions and monitor their investment performance.

There is a special questionnaire provided by the Wealth Advisor, which takes into consideration several factors such as customer’s risk appetite, customer experience in investment products, the main objective of investment, and the investment horizon.

Mulkia offers various corporate services such as arranging, corporate finance, IPO, tradable rights issue, private placement, debt offering, M & A.

Clients can submit their complaints through the customer complaint form via the company’s website by clicking here. Clients may also attend to company’s headquarters and submit their complaints personally. All complaints will be handled in strict confidence and in accordance with the confidentiality of client information.

We value our clients,
We recognize their trust